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since the other one was removed, here’s the audio from the Age of Ultron Teaser from SDCC. (not mine).

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Favorite Jaimie Alexander Photos. (x)j

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me: i love [favorite fictional character] so much
friend: ok
me: no you dont understand
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But some kind of madness is swallowing me whole. 

For essentiallybritish

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20 Red, 2 white, 1 purple. It’ll all make sense later…

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Comic Con 2014: Avengers: Age of Ultron round-up


This is mostly so I can keep track of all the interviews

Footage description / Really detailed description
Cast members coming on stage (Low Quality)
Panel (without the AoU trailer) (Low Quality)

Updated: Panel in HQ Part 1 / Part 2

EW interviews:
EW interview with Ruffalo and RDJ
EW interview with Hemsworth, Evans and Spader
EW interview with Bettany
EW interview with SLJ, Smulders and Renner

Hitfix Interviews:
Hitfix interview with Hemsworth
Hitfix interview with Ruffalo
Hitfix interview with Johnson and Olsen
Hitfix interview with Evans
Hitfix interview with RDJ

IGN Interviews
IGN Interview with Ruffalo
IGN Interview with Bettany
IGN Interview with Olsen and Johnson
IGN Interview with Hemsworth
IGN Interview with Evans
IGN Interview with RDJ

Clevver Movies Interviews
Clevver Movies Interview with Renner
Clevver Movies Interview with Evans
Clevver Movies Interview with RDJ
Clevver Movies Interview with Spader
Clevver Movies Interview with Hemsworth
Clevver Movies Interview with Bettany
Clevver Movies Interview with Olsen and Johnson

Screen Reels
Screen Reels Interview with Ruffalo
Screen Reels Interview with Olsen
Screen Reels Interview with RDJ
Screen Reels Interview with Feige
Screen Reels Interview with Brolin
Screen Reels Interview with Smulders
Screen Reels Interview with Hemsworth
Screen Reels Interview with Evans
Screen Reels Interview with Johnson

Other inteviews
Fandango interview with Ruffalo and Evans

Ruffalo meeting Lou Ferrigno

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Comic Con : Age of Ultron full panel!

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marvel’s cast of ‘avengers: age of ultron’ booth signing during comic con 2014.

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—Jeremy Renner on the relationship between Hawkeye and Black Widow in Avengers: Age of Ultron [x] (via fyeahmcublackwidow)One thing has to be revealed, then you’ll understand what it is, ultimately….There’s a lot more to reveal and it’s been very exciting.


Scarlett wanted to be here. Scarlett is pregnant and sent a little message if you want to see.

full resolution here

shhhhhh everybody calm down shhhhh

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Half Man half Rubber Mask.

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