In case you weren’t aware, it’s kind of a huge deal for a spy to wear personal jewelry in public. (x)

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"Kate. It’s okay. Loose the arrow."


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that one mutual u check for every time u lose a follower

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3 more followers pretty pretty please?

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:゚•✧ follow priscilla *:゚•✧
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He’s a ghost.

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thanks everyone for the good vibes about that exam today…thinking it went better than i expected whoop

good luck on the exam!!!

thank you i will try my best

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Prayed for your success, very best of luck!

thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!

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guys tomorrow I have a MASSIVE exam at college and the class is very very difficult and the prof is disrespectful and unwilling do her part so her students succeed

i am so so so nervous and my admission into my next college depends on this class

so please if you could, pray or think good thoughts for me or whatever you can because i could really use it rn thnx

he's a ghost

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Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson at the ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ London premier

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Hi friends! So we’ve decided that we wanted to do our very first tumblr awards, and what’s better than making it Marvel Ladies themed?

  • Must be following queenclintashaqueensiff
  • Reblog this post, you can like it to save it, but likes aren’t an entry
  • Must get at least 75 notes
  • Open until May 14
  • Must post at least a little bit of marvel
  • 1 winner and 2 runner ups for each category
  • The Jane Foster Award - Best Url 
  • The Emma Frost Award - Best Theme
  • The Peggy Carter Award - Best Icon
  • The Betty Ross Award - Best Original Edits/Graphics
  • The Gwen Stacy Award- Nicest Blogger
  • The Gamora Award - Best Multfandom
  • The Maria Hill Award - Best Marvel
  • The Lady Sif Award - Meg’s Favorite
  • The Natasha Romanoff Award - Priscilla’s Favorite
  • The Pepper Potts Award - Best Overall
What you'll win:
  • A graphic announcing you as the winner/runner up
  • Winners will get a follow back from both of us
  • Winners also get a solo promo
  • Overall winner gets as many promos as they want for a month
  • Runner ups will get a group promo

good luck! and please message us if you have any questions!


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